First V-Twin Prototype Dyno Test

This video is of the first start up of the V-twin CITS engine, and its unique patented pivot inlet valve and By-Pass valve. This test was designed to confirm the action and durability of these novel valves and their separate functions. The inlet-valve is self-driven by the pressures under the opposing pistons, and the By-Pass valve by the operator, and replaces the throttle. Both valves worked as expected and all predictions for the test were confirmed

Here is a video of the engine’s first start-up and running.

Before the V-twin prototype which you see above, a single cylinder Yamaha 100 cc was tested as supplied, and then modified with the CITS isolation of the crankcase void from the induction. It was then tested by the same supplier on the same dynamometer. See the chart below off the actual dynamometer, showing the before-and-after dramatic improvement. The V-twin’s pivot inlet-valve and By-pass valve throttle advantages add to this remarkable efficiency improvement, on V-cylinder formats, when these valves fit between cylinder pairs.( NTS = Normal Two-Stroke in the chart below).

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