The Revolutionary CITS Engine

As a high efficiency internal combustion engine with low emissions, weight and cost per kW, the CITS Engine technology is the transition to a greener future.

The CITS engine technology is ideally suited for the range-extender engines used in plug-in hybrid vehicles, and for all internal combustion engines applications including power generation, machinery or transportation.

It combines the best features of two-stroke engines such as fuel economy, power to weight ratio, and low production costs per kW, together with the best features of 4 stroke engines being low emissions, lower vibrations and noise, on petrol or LPG.


The CITS Engine technology has been appraised by experts in the field:

I must say, it is genius!” – Izmir Yamin, Aerospace Engineer

“The concept is one of the most promising that I have seen for a low cost, fuel efficient, lightweight and compact engine of high power output per unit weight.” Emeritus Professor Brian Milton – Australia


The concept of the engine is very good. Takes the best out of the 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines and combines it achieving: Better indicated efficiency, and reducing emissions to 4 stroke level, at least. Definitely viable for production.” – Federico Bengolea M.Sc., Dr. Stephen Samuel, Professor John Durodola – School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, Oxford Brookes University

The inventor of CITS Engine technology, Basil van Rooyen, won a nomination for excellence in automotive engineering, by the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia .