How It Works

Patented Technologies and Their Benefits

Normal two-strokes induct their air and fuel into the crankcase, so they must add oil to the fuel. This adds to the emissions beyond current regulations. By isolating the crankcase-void from the induction, CITS eliminates the need for oil mixed with the fuel. At the same time, it triples the two-stroke’s low decompression ratio when inducting, giving greater efficiency. Then in any V cylinder format, the patented pivoting inlet valve and By-pass valve fit elegantly between the cylinders, lowering fuel consumption, cost and weight, and further increasing efficiency.

The patented Pivot inlet-valve (white) and the By-Pass valve (red), are nestled between pairs of the V-cylinder format, eliminating the pumping-losses found with a typical throttle, and the flow-resistance of the reed valve. The result is increased efficiency, and lower cost and smaller size.

The eliminating of the two-stroke’s “total-loss-lubrication” as described above, massively reduces pollution.

With no valve-train or throttle, and a small footprint, the engine has very low weight and production costs, yet massive power and economy.

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